Hey there! I'm Owen, a passionate software developer from the city of Sunderland, in England. I'm currently a student studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Information Technology at East Durham College. I started developing a few years ago, back when I first discovered HTML and CSS. I really loved having the ability to design and develop websites, and I always thought it was really fun. My real passion is in mobile development, and I'm currently working with Google's UI framework Flutter.

On this blog I'd like to help aspriring developers by providing guides and tutorials for frameworks such as Flutter, React, GatsbyJS and more. I love sharing information about native mobile app development, but I also love subjects such as Cyber Security, Web Design, UI / UX Design, and how to overall be more productive.

I'm open for any kind of projects that you may have, so feel free to contact me via email. Also, if you would like to ask me anything, don't be afraid to contact me via Twitter @owenhalliday1.